Life’s a Beach – A guide to choosing your perfect Tenerife beach

I received a message from someone who had read my blog about the popular southern beaches. While they enjoyed it, they wanted to know if I could give information about some of the lesser-known beaches.

The more I thought, the more I realised this isn’t the subject of just one blog, but several. I will start in the west of the island and travel east, leaving out the beaches in the tourist areas as these can be found in the popular beaches blog. But what about the hidden gems, the shy beaches, where are they?

Playa de San Juan

There are two beaches in the quiet resort of San Juan, the natural black sand beach next to the harbour used mainly by locals and a relatively new greyish-gold beach which tourists seem to prefer. Along the promenade that backs this beach is an old restored lime kiln dating from the 19th Century. There are several restaurants both along the seafront and in the quiet streets of the town.

Playa Abama

This golden sand beach may look as if it belongs to the luxury Ritz-Carlton Hotel but it is accessible to all. It is located on a beautiful bay that is sheltered from the wind. As a guest of the hotel you can take the cable car down, otherwise it is around 30 minutes to walk from the parking area.

Playa Méndez

Located in Alcalá this tiny, sheltered volcanic rock cove is a stone’s throw from the town square with its bars and restaurants however there are never many people, of late they seem to prefer the new beaches at the opposite end of town.

Playa de la Jaquita

This black sand beach is one of the recently created trio in the village of Alcalá. There are rock pools for safe bathing and the seafront has nice stainless steel, and wooden walkway as well as artistically designed benches to rest while watch the waves crash on the shore.

Ignoring Playa de Ajabo in Callao Salvaje, as everyone now seems to know all about it let’s continue on to…

Playa del Puertito


Over the years, more people have discovered my Shirley Valentine beach in Armeñime. It is popular with divers who enjoy seeing the sea turtles that swim in the crystal clear waters.

Those staying in La Caleta may have noticed along the seafront that it has become a ritual for visitors to build stone towers like small works of art.

 La caleta

La Puntilla y Punta

In the heart of the fishing village of La Caleta, there is a rocky bathing area few visitors use, as it looks as if it belongs to the surrounding houses, but you are free to take a dip if the urge takes you.

Bypassing all of the well-known beaches of Costa Adeje, Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, continue further east.

Playa Palm Mar

The rocky beach at Palm Mar is part of the nature reserve and a popular place with anglers. At the opposite end, a rather posh beach club has been opened with their own piece of sand and Balinese beds to lounge in while watching the sun go down over the southern resorts.

San Blas

The closest Golf del Sur comes to having a beach is at San Blas, which is located outside the prestigious Sandos hotel and within walking distance of Los Abrigos.

Playa las Galletas

Again two beaches both natural.  The first is next to the harbour and ideal for swimming as there are no waves. It has a special charm with the small boats bobbing on the tide.  At one end are the stalls where the freshly caught fish is cleaned and sold. You’ll also find plenty of seagulls, looking for a feast on the remains of the fish.The second is backed by some great fish restaurants, where you will be spoilt for choice.

Yellow Mountain Beach

Although sand is scarce, this beach is popular with the folks of Costa del Silencio as it is walking distance from Ten Bel and close to Flicks Bar. A short distance around the coast is another beach where naturists like to gather.

As a blogger, I have to thank the person making the enquiry, sometimes it is hard to think of things that may interest readers, however I now have three articles, the next El Medano to Abades will be published shortly.

Images with my logo belong to me, others are taken from Turismo Tenerife.
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