Life’s a Beach – A guide to lesser known Tenerife beaches – Part 3

Güimar to Santa Cruz

In earlier Tenerife blogs, I talked about the beaches that attracted locals more than tourists. I started in the west of the island in San Juan then moved along the coast taking in El Medano and Abades. Today we are starting the journey from the coastal area nestled within the Valle de Güimar, crossing El Socorro and Candelaria, skirting past Rosario and finishing just a few kilometres past the capital, Santa Cruz.

The coastline around this area is made up of cliffs, lava flows, and natural caves. The sort of place that invites you to walk, and enjoy the sun and the black sandy beaches.

Playa del Cabezo

Also known as the Port of Güimar beach this is mostly quiet except in high summer when the black sandy beach fills with locals. It is a large beach and protected by several breakwaters and the sea is usually calm. Close to the beach, there are some fresh fish restaurants. For me it is perfect because you can also walk your dogs.

Playa de La Viuda


Much of the beach is black sand and gravel, especially near the shore, not the most comfortable on which to throw your towel. It is never crowded, as only locals seem to know it exists.

Playa del Socorro

In the northeast corner of the municipality of Guimaras, this beach has two distinct areas. The smallest and closest to the town has black sand and relatively calm waters where you can enjoy swimming. The other, area is open to the ocean, and there are few places suitable for bathing due to the heavy swell of the waves that makes it suitable for surfers.

The oldest festival of the island takes place here when thousands of pilgrims carry the Virgen del Socorro, shoulder high from her resting place in the chapel to the beach.

Along the seafront of Punta Larga, you can find three beaches that run one after the other. There is a boardwalk, a playground for children, exercise equipment for those feeling fit and a selection of restaurants where you can sit and watch the sea.

Playa Punta Larga

A large pebble beach with easy access and plenty of facilities with toilets and changing rooms. It has a protective breakwater, steps leading down to the sea and sunbathing platforms.

Playa La Arenita

Is the middle beach the sea is calmer as it is protected by the breakwater so there are usually more people there than the other beaches in the area. There is a platform where you can access the sea, and a kiosk for refreshments

Playa de La Arena

Close to town and opposite the basilica this beach also known as Candelaria beach is a broad expanse of black sand and gravel. The surf is usually quite strong so care is needed and there is a small natural swimming pool at one side.

Playa del Alcalde

A horseshoe shaped beach with cliffs at each end. Peaceful, close to amenities and  safe for swimming.

Playa El Pozo

playa_del _pozo

This small beach is only about 10 meters long it is next to the small shrine of the Virgen del Carmen and also the Red Cross Station.

Playa La Hornilla

Only accessible at low tide when a small black sand beach appears.

Playa de Las Caletillas

Las Caletillas has a nice promenade where you will find several fresh fish and paella restaurants. The pebble beach is normally very quiet despite its closeness to town.

Next we come to Radazul which has been renovated in recent years and now you can enjoy several bathing areas. The view from the beach back towards the valley is impressive.

Playa de Radazul


Also known as the Playa del Litoral del Rosario consists of two small black sand beaches both protected by a breakwater. For those who like to walk by the sea, there is a nice coastal walk to Tabaiba.

Playa La Nea

Located near Radazul and also close to Santa Cruz is the black sand beach called Playa la Nea.  Surrounded by mountains it is another beach where the scenery is stunning.

Playa Las Teresitas


The most famous beaches of Tenerife, located near the village of San Andrés and about 8km from Santa Cruz. With lots of kiosks where you can grab a drink or a bite to eat this beach made up of imported golden sand is a good place to spend the day.

Playa Las Gaviotas


Away from towns and villages this beautiful beach is the place to go to escape the world. The beach is black sand and it is advisable to visit at low tide to enjoy the beach at its best. You should also go early in the day particularly in winder as the sun can drop below the mountains and make the beach shady. It is also one of the few beaches where you can take your dog to play on the sand.

Now you know all the secret places from east to west along the southern coast of Tenerife, perhaps you will leave the crowded resorts and find your own perfect spot so soak up a few rays.

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