Dreams can come true in Tenerife.

Being a ‘nosy-parker’, I love to hear other people’s stories about how they arrived on the island, what they are doing now, and whether or not they will continue.

The following is from Wendy who many will know from the very successful Halfway Café. She asked a question on in a Tenerife Forum Group, I answered and the outcome was I asked could I tell her story on one of my Tenerife Blogs.

So this is Wendy’s Story

I have four children so for me the ideal job was working from home. I have always enjoyed baking and taught myself to do this professionally rather than just as a mum. I have to say I must have been quite good because I ended up supplying our local Farm Shop in the UK with 100 cakes each week, and everyone knows how fussy farm shops can be.

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However, I digress … We have been coming to Tenerife on holiday over the years and have always loved the place. When I was in Las Americas last August with my partner Keith, we suddenly had the idea of starting an English Tea Rooms right here in this beautiful part of the island. My children thought I was having a midlife crisis and would never do this, but we looked around and found the perfect location – on the first floor of Pueblo Canario by the H10 Gran Tinerfe Hotel and the casino.

The café has a terrace with spectacular views over the bay and I imaged our would-be customers enjoying a proper English cup of tea with a cake, a cold beer, or whatever took their fancy, while enjoying the sunshine and the view. As I have always wanted to live by the sea I didn’t over think the prospect too much because otherwise you can think yourselves out of these things.

It didn’t all fall into place immediately, in fact it was the hardest things I’ve ever done. I could probably have done it easier but I wanted things to be perfect even to the point all the crockery, teapots, etc. were brought from England and we designed the tea rooms as we had always imagined it should be in a traditional style.

We named it the Halfway Café because it’s halfway along the 7-mile stretch of seafront from Los Cristianos to Fañabe and I thought people could say, “Let’s stop halfway at the Halfway Café for a special treat”.

The family came to Tenerife too, we moved this year February 2015. My eldest daughter Megan, aged 19 has been an essential part of working in the Café and helping us get established. My daughter Mia aged 12 started at Wingate School and my son Harvey, who is 17, has started a 2-year A level course at the same school, so we are really committed to the long term.

I bake fresh cakes, quiches, sausage rolls and other savouries every day for our customers. Initially I found it hard to source good ingredients but my perseverance seems to be paying off slowly.

It was a slow start but gradually more and more visitors started hearing about us and all of our reviews have been great. We are still learning, we cross new bridges every day, but because we love our life in Las Americas, Keith and I will continue to work hard in the Halfway Café, to ensure our long-term success.

So if any one who is reading this is now feeling like a slice of cake, a milkshake, cocktail or just a good old fashioned English teatime treat,  I suggest you pop along, introduce yourself to Wendy and Keith and help them continue living their dream.

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