€25 to use the loo

I suppose that is what they call an attention grabbing headline.  Factually it is correct. But what’s it all about?

For those with reduced mobility and who wish to pay the small price of €25 they are guaranteed access to use specially adapted conveniences in Tenerife 24 hours a day, 365 days.  For that, you get a ‘Eurokey’.  This is a tried and tested system in several European countries which uses a special universal key. It guarantees accessibility to public facilities with specific room and hygiene requirements for people with a disability, as well as the protection of these facilities.

Eurokey locations can be located using the free-of-charge smartphone application “eurokey”, (iPhone, Android) and now Arona is joining the group although at the moment locations are only on a downloadable map and keys are available from Mar Y Sol, in Los Cristianos.


Who is entitled to use a eurokey?

People who are dependent on the use of special facilities (wheelchair users, ostomy wearers, people with a visual disability or a walking disability, and people with chronic incontinency problems). Eurokeys are given directly to the user and only one key per person is provided.

Tourists / Swallows

This is ideal for holidaymakers and those who spend several months at a time on the island. What the headline doesn´t hint at is that at the end of your holiday you hand your key back and your €25 will be refunded.   What a brilliant idea.

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  1. Bill Barton says:

    What a brilliant idea, why did it take so long to “FLY” ? a dietary list for celiac/diabetic etc.

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