New York Knights – Los Cristianos

Last night we went to the Auditorio Infanta Leonor in Los Cristianos to see a tribute to Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and Frankie Valli. It was part of OH’s birthday present because he loves Frank.

I had bought our tickets on line and knew that seats are not allocated so we decided to arrive early(ish). As there was no traffic and we dropped into a parking space almost opposite the theatre we found ourselves there just before 7.30pm for the 8.00pm show. We were going to have a drink but noticed a line that stretched from inside the theatre to the pavement, there must have been 300 people already queuing up. We joined it and talking to those around us, they were all ‘swallows’. Once inside I took a quick picture of the crowded theatre, and you can see the audience is all very much of ‘a certain age’.


The show started with a 5-piece band and two backing singers. It was at this point I thought, they are not all playing together and seem to be trying to outdo each other, but what the heck. Frankie Valli came on stage, he was a great singer, but at what looked to be well over 6 feet tall and with a definite hint of ginger in his hair, didn’t remind me of the original. We next had Barbra, she was also very good and at certain angles there was a resemblance and finally Frank. Another big guy but if you closed your eyes you would really think you were listening to Ole Blue Eyes.

Most people like OH seemed to enjoy the show, as we found out when bumping into several people we knew as we headed back to the car. However, I was disappointed. When the three sang together there was no harmony, they were all just doing their own thing, as was the band who on occasions swamped the vocals. I was not impressed when Frank gave us the first verse of “One for the Road” twice because he had clearly forgotten the words and the conversation with the audience seemed strained and rather stilted.

For the price, it was good, but I have seen as good if not better in the bars around the resorts. On the other hand, was I just being difficult to please on that occasion?


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