Tenerife, Where The Food’s As Good As The Weather – Part 3

In previous blogs, we have looked at what you can expect in both starters and main courses when eating in a Canarian restaurant.  This time around, we will look at the dessert menu.

Tenerife has an abundance of fresh fruit, oranges, mangos and of course, bananas. The Canarian banana is unmistakable; small, yellow and has black spots, which distinguish it from other varieties. What’s more, the taste is simply delicious. According to experts, the bananas grown on Tenerife are some of the best in the world. However, Canarians don’t exist on bananas alone,  you only have to look at the dessert menu to realise that the people of Tenerife have a sweet tooth.

In general, traditional ‘postres’ or puddings mostly use the same basic ingredients, eggs, sugar, lemon, milk and cinnamon. Below are some of the most common.

Arroz con leche this simple sweet is found on most traditional restaurant menus. Nice if you like cold rice pudding made with condensed milk.

arroz con leche

/The best rice pudding recipes

Quesillo – Sounds exotic but is nothing more than a crème caramel and personally I don´t like the texture. These are everywhere you can even buy packets in the supermarket to make an almost instant version at home.



Bienmesabe – Almond and cinnamon custard the name translates to “tastes good to me”. You find it in lots of Spanish speaking countries but in Tenerife, it is made from almonds, sponge cake, eggs, sugar and lemon. Its origin is probably Arabic, though the island looks upon it as its own.

Various used this

Various, too numerous to mention!

Huevos Mole – Is a thick, sweet custard flavoured with cinnamon, lemon and dessert wine such as Malvasia. The end result is like Zabaglione so I don’t mind ending a meal with this one, even though on some menus it is listed as Mole Eggs which sounds far from appetising.

Things to do in Tenerife

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Truchas de Batata. Typically served at Christmas, these little turnovers are stuffed with sweet potato, almonds and flavoured with anise, cinnamon, lemon zest and anise liqueur.

The above image belongs to Dada where you can also find the recipe for these easy to make treats.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like my food, but I’m not a great lover of eggy puddings I have to be ‘in the mood’ but I can always end a meal with a coffee, although it has to be a special barraquito.

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