Folelé – Canarian Restaurant, Los Cristianos

While last Friday we went to see New York Knights the previous Friday we stayed in Los Cristianos and took our friends from the UK to Folelé because we know they like Canarian food and wine.

The restaurant isn’t new, I mentioned it in my Tenerife blog earlier this year, but it has taken us a while to visit as we were keeping it on a back burner for Charles and Valda’s visit, which is every November.

I phoned ahead to book a table as I assumed Los Cristianos on a Friday night would have been busy, especially the seafront, which is where the restaurant is located, but as it turned out it was very quiet. There was only three tables plus ourselves in the restaurant all evening. It is a shame because the décor is simple but tasteful, (the word Folelé is Canarian for dragonfly) and these are all around the walls. The service is first class, friendly but unobtrusive.


The food if not exceptional, because of its simplicity, is good. The menu has a selection of authentic Canarian fayre including ‘ropa vieja‘ an old Canarian dish and of course the obligatory Canarian potatoes. There is also a large selection of Canarian wines, which is why we were here as Charles and Valda only drink local wines when they are on the island.

We started with a selection of goats’ cheese, Canarian black pudding, garlic prawns and croquettes. Our waiter did tell us the portions were large and we could share, but we do that anyway, so we stuck with our original choice. Friends asked for a recommendation on a very dry white wine and they were pleased with what they were given.

We moved on to the main course and they were all very tasty. We had Carne Fiesta, spiced chicken, grilled pork and sea bass that should have had a fruit sauce, but Valda asked for it to be just grilled and served with no sauce. Everything was done to perfection, well cooked, nicely presented and all at a very reasonable price. We round off with coffees but had no room for dessert, as the portions were very large. We ended up bring a box home which our girls had for breakfast 2 mornings in a row.

I would not suggest anyone goes out of their way to visit this restaurant purely because of its simplicity, but if you are in the area and want to try REAL Canarian food, then you should certainly visit.

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2 Responses to Folelé – Canarian Restaurant, Los Cristianos

  1. Dave says:

    Mmm looks good,were very spoilt here in the north because of the huge amount of local restaurants that do all the canarian meals and GREAT local wines straight from the makers,and the prices are cheaper than going to the supermarket ect and cooking it yourself!
    Glad you had a good evening and I don’t know what time you left but here it’s amazing how a restaurant fills up after 10pm.🍀

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