Tablas de San Andrés

On the 29th and 30th November of each year, an event takes places in Tenerife that celebrates the opening of the wine cellars. Typically, on those dates, you can taste the new wine; eat roasted chestnuts and other island products from stalls set up around various towns.


However, in the municipalities of Icod and La Guacha they take the celebrations a step further when on the eve of San Andrés locals flash down the steepest streets on what can only be described as tea trays. This strange tradition is called “Tablas de San Andrés” and involves one or more people sitting on wooden boards to see who can zip down the street the fastest while being watched by numerous onlookers.

The tradition comes from a time around 16th Century, when timber from a sawmill in the highlands of Icod, was transported by rolling it downhill to the dock in San Marcos. In order to slow the logs down and dodge stones a person would sit on the back with oars made from beech.

In the run up to San Andres in every neighbourhood throughout the town, you will find kids on the slopes with their boards of different sizes normally made of wood, building up speed and keeping the tradition alive. In fact the tradition is more alive than ever and each year goes from strength to strength.



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  1. Susanne Floe says:

    Thanks, I was wondering what is going on, on our street. Now that I know it is time limited I am more relaxed 😀

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