Winter Fashion in Tenerife

As the last days of summer fade into crisper cooler days of winter, it is easy to identify who is a local and who is on holiday in Tenerife. Particularly in the resorts where walking along the seafront residents in winter gear stand out from those in swimwear.

When we first arrived on the island, I felt sorry for the children going to school in tights and woolly jumpers, and laughed at people dressed for winter while we were sporting our flimsiest clothes. After all, the sun was blazing and the weather was far warmer than anything we had experienced at the height of a UK summer.

10 years on, we have succumbed to dressing like a local. At the first signs of a drop in temperature, usually the end of November, we switch our t-shirts and shorts for woolly jumpers, long trousers, even boots.

An upcoming winter holiday means I have already scoured the sales, particularly my favourite store Cortefiel.

The stylish suede and leather coat, the boots and fur-trimmed jumpers have been bought. However, I’m still having difficulty contemplating wearing thick tights, probably because I am so used to open toed sandals. Perhaps if I could find some like those illustrated, without feet. I know I will need them, but even before putting them on my toes curl at the thought so I am not 100% Canarian yet but well on the way. 🙂

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