How To Bake The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Cake

In the past I used to be organised, I was always prepared for birthdays, Christmas in fact any celebration and if a cake needed cooking several weeks in advance it was no problem, I was all geared up and ready to go.   However, as I have aged I seem to have lost the knack or maybe just become more relaxed about life in general!

If like me time just slips you by and in the run up to Christmas you find you haven´t made your cake this simple fruit cake is really easy to put together and with the addition of a couple of Christmassy flavours can fool anyone into thinking you have been feeding it alcohol for weeks.  It is ready to eat immediately and lasts for a week or so in a sealed tin.

I know this recipe never fails, as you can see I have used it time after time up to the point where pages stick together, and it is almost a case of scratch and taste to check a particular ingredient.

Everyday Fruit Cake

8oz self-raising flour
½ teaspoon mixed spice
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
4oz margarine
4oz sugar
8oz mixed fruit
2oz cherries
1 eggs
5 tablespoons milk (adjust according to the amount of alcohol you add – see below)

For the Christmas flavour, add
Few drops of vanilla and almond essence
2oz of chopped nuts
And a slug of whatever tipple you prefer.  We quite like a drop of brandy.
If you like a dark cake you can add a scant tablespoon of cocoa powder which will make it look nice and rich.

Line a 7 inch square or round tin. Beat all ingredients together and Bake for 1¼ – 1½ hours at 180C.

everyday fruit cake

If you have a couple of days to spare you can cover with fondant icing and decorate. This one my daughter and I decorated a few years ago.

Christmas Cake

If you are really late then brush with apricot jam and decorate with almonds and crystallized fruit, all of which you can buy at Christmas time in Alcampo.


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