A Complete Guide To The Perfect Turkey

Whether you are roasting a turkey for the first time or you’ve done it many times before, but want a quick reminder as you only do it at Christmas, this is my simple, super easy recipe for a beautiful turkey this Christmas…. Do as I do and follow Gordon Ramsey’s video.

I will be using a fresh turkey but many use frozen and they are fine as long as you thaw them properly.  Overnight just isn´t good enough as they will still be frozen deep inside and when cooking this will turn to steam and make your meat taste yuk!.  You need to let your turkey thaw for a few days in the fridge, approximately 24 hours for every five pounds of bird.

I will also this year be following Gordon’s recipe for gravy, I hate it made with giblets, and Bisto just isn´t right for Christmas so I had better start stocking up on lemons before they are all sold out.




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