Public Holidays in the Canary Islands 2016

The majority of holidays depend on the regional governments themselves, but there a four national holidays that are set in stone by the central office in Madrid: Christmas, New Year, 1 May, and 12 October. The rest are celebrated according to each region.

The Canarian government has fixed the calendar of public holidays for 2016 and these are below….


Arona was ahead of the game and announced the dates early for fiestas in the region. These are not public holidays just ‘specials’ when you are guaranteed to have a good time. Should I hear other municipalities have announced similar dates I will update accordingly.

A few years ago, the Spanish Government announced plans to do away with long holiday weekends known as ‘macro-puente’. However, it seems they will continue into 2016 much to the delight of many who will take days to build ‘bridges‘ between holidays and weekends so extending their holiday period. There are several weeks next year that will only consist of three working days, or even less.

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