Twixmas – The week between Christmas and New Year?

After you have survived the opening of presents, eaten hot turkey, cold turkey, turkey sandwiches, the Christmas cake, the sweets, the mince pies, and even the indigestion tablets are repeating on you, things go quiet….Then what do you do?

It’s not quite a holiday, but there’s not much happening either. As the old year ends and a new one is almost on the horizon, if you are like me you will take a deep breath, and seek out a little R&R.

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of some things I’ll be doing this week.

  • Every morning have coffee in bed. (Oh I do that anyway)
  • CoffeeinBed-660x439Staying in pyjamas, all day
  • Watch my favourite movies for the fourth or fifth time.
  • Plan my New Year’s resolutions… not too much, just enough so I don´t make crap ones on the day because I feel I have to say something.
  • Go for a run. Oh sorry, I think I just must have had a giddy moment – Ignore that.
  • Try a Malteser challenge.

How about you? How will you make the most (or least) of the break?

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