Time to Put Away the Christmas Decorations

After the last gift is unwrapped, the Christmas chocolates are eaten, and the last guest heads home, it’s time for the depressing task of packing up your holiday decorations.

First things first, you need a healthy dose of motivation when taking down holiday decorations. Plan on the task taking up a whole day because it always takes a darn sight longer to take them down than to put them up.

I think it is worth investing in large plastic boxes, but not too large, you don’t want them to be hard to lift.

If like me and have decorations everywhere, then it is easier if you divide your home into area. You likely use the same decorations in the same places each year, so packing this way makes decorating easier next year.

To keep wire ribbons un-creased, save the spools so you can roll it back up and for bows, stuff wads of tissue paper in the loops so they will keep their shape while in storage.

In a battle with a string of tangled lights, the lights will always win. To keep them nice and tidy start with one end of the strand and wrap the cord round and round a piece of cardboard, or even a tube from a kitchen towel. I store each strand of lights in its own Mercadona carrier bag.

For fragile ornaments, wrap each in tissue paper and put a layer of bubble wrap between layers as you store them in the box so that they won’t crush.

Taking down the decorations is depressing. However, you will thank yourself next year when you open up the box and everything is ready to be put up.


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