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I love reading, and always have a book on the go so was thrilled when recently I was sent a book by Peter Stone called The Canary Islands, Cultural History. I initially thought it might not be my sort of thing, but soon discovered that while I may not read it cover to cover, it was ideal to dip into when hunting down facts about the islands.

This made me wonder what other books were set if not completely, then at least partially in the Canary Islands. There are quite a lot but below are some that caught my imagination, this list is more or less in the order that I would choose a book, although there are a couple I probably wouldn’t read.

The Ravine (El Barranco), Nivaria Tejera

Synopsis:Written in the mid-1950s this is the fictional tale of a young girl’s experiences living with her extended family in La Laguna, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

This sounds just my sort of book and I have already placed my order with Amazon. I just hope it is a good translation and not like reading Google Translate  🙂


Deep Black: Death Wave, Stephen Coonts

Synopsis: Charlie Dean, Lia DeFrancesca and Ilya Akulinin, form a high-tech team known as Deep Black. Beneath the paradise of the Canary Islands is one of the most volatile fault lines in the world. There, an alliance between radical Islamic terrorists and a rogue element of the Chinese government plan to unleash an act that could devastate the world. Meanwhile, in America, a bestselling author is assassinated to prevent the release of his stranger-than-fiction story about a plot to change the course of history. Unless Deep Black intervenes, the islands could be the epicentre of an apocalypse, with millions of lives at stake.

I think both Jim and I will enjoy this book

Grand Canary, A.J. Cronin

Synopsis: The story of Dr. Harvey Leith, who wrongfully blamed for the deaths of 3 patients leaves England in disgrace, but ultimately finding redemption following a yellow fever epidemic in the Canary Islands. Lady Mary Fielding, who is to join her husband in the Canaries and Dr. Leith, engage in a romance on the steamship en-route to their destination.

I am a huge fan of Cronin, so I must really try and find a copy of this book.

The Wind off the Small Isles, Mary Stewart

Synopsis: Cora Gresham is writing about pirates on the Barbary Coast and wants to visit the Canary Islands. After hearing description of the various islands, she decides on Lanzarote. Only two days after arriving she decides to buy a house. While driving around Playa Blanca she sees just what she is looking for. However, the house is already occupied – once by the past, and the haunting memory of what happened there a century ago; and now by its present owners—very much alive

Like the sound of this one too.

Canary Island Song, Robin Jones Gunn

Synopsis: Carolyn a widow decides it is time to start living again and makes to her mother’s home in the Canary Islands. Here she meets Bryan an old high school love. Can she believe he has turned into something more than the wild beach boy who stole her heart so many years ago. In the beautiful, balmy Canary Islands Carolyn is reminded that Christopher Columbus set sail from here to discover the New World. Is she ready to set sail from these same islands to discover a new life?

A little bit of romance while sitting in the sun sounds good.

Notes from The Canary Islands, Camille Lenning

Synopsis: An entertaining picture of visiting the Canary Islands. The author relates in a humorous way how she confronted the language barrier, the strange customs, and discovered how difficult it was to find her perfect apartment. Along the way, she meets a variety of interesting and eccentric individuals.

Just the sort book to appeal to ex-pats


Destiny in Tenerife, Evelyn Hood

Synopsis: The story of a hopeless romantic in a modern world. Morrin Grey has always been a very traditional girl. Then one night the unthinkable happens and Morrin lets her feelings take over. Trying to put the memories behind her, she eventually makes a new life in London. But her past reappears.

Not really my type of book but I know someone who would love it – Eh Lesley?


Too Much Trouble in Paradise, Michelle Betham

Synopsis: The story follows Molly ex-wife of darts player Paul ‘Bad Lad’ Parker to Tenerife and her turbulent journey battling her head and her heart. Within months, she meets Antonio and they plan a wedding. However, just weeks before they tie the knot Paul, turns up wanting a second chance. Molly has some serious decisions to make.

A definite No, no but I’m sure others will enjoy it.

Lanzarote, Michel Houellebecq

Synopsis: Realising that his New Year is probably going to be a disaster, the main character books a week in Lanzarote, where he runs into all sorts of bizarre characters, from Pam and Barbara, the lesbians on a mission to seduce a policeman to the members to an ‘Azraelian’ sect, as they prepare for humanity to be regenerated by extra-terrestrials. Will his holiday be a success?

Another one I wouldn´t rush to buy but hey that’s only my taste


Therapy, David Lodge

Synopsis: Scriptwriter Tubby Passmore is riding high on the success of his soap opera. He is the archetypal middle-class, middle-aged man who has it all, big house, fast car, lots of money but is unhappy. Amy, Tubby’s platonic girlfriend persuades him to go on holiday to Tenerife, to the hotel from hell, where they push together the two single beds and, despite all his efforts, Tubby turns out to be impotent. In its depiction of Playa de las Americas as hell, this is very funny.

Probably one of the reasons people think of Tenerife as they do

Return to Treasure Island and the Search for Captain Kidd,
Barry Clifford

Synopsis: Two exciting stories woven together – the saga of Captain Kidd, one of history’s most baffling figures, and Clifford’s obsessive quest to find the most notorious pirate ship of all time. The result is a tale of treasure and adventure that ends in death – both Kidd’s and, three hundred years later, that of a rival who attempts to stop Clifford’s expedition.

Really undecided about this one, might be more for OH than me.


Doce campanadas, Nisa Arce

Synopsis: Twelve bells’ takes place in Madrid and Las Palmas. Characters who once shared university life are reunited one New Year and regain a friendship and a love story that time had distanced. An analysis of society accompanies the plot, which deals with aspects of contemporary life from the perspective of a homosexual relationship between two students whose paths intersect.

Whilst I like the sound of this, I can only see it is Spanish so wouldn´t stand a chance of understanding the story.

So that’s my list, are there any that particularly take your fancy?

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