Close to Nature in Abades – Tenerife

Coastal villages are often small fishing hamlets where visitors rarely venture. A short distance and a world away from the TF1 motorway is Abades just such a village on the south-east coast, in the municipality of Arico. It is right on the Atlantic and lies close to a number of golden sandy beaches.

Abades, probably best known for the Leper Colony that never was, is a quiet place most of the year, but on warm weekends and school holidays there can be a flurry of activity as the inhabitants of the pretty whitewashed bungalows that have sprung up in the village take to the beach.

In recent years, the village has begun to attract tourists and consequently has many secrets waiting to be discovered. In the sandy cove, you can see the resident green turtles, many small colourful fish, and if you are lucky seahorses in the rocks pools.

The views from the small crescent shaped harbour are stunning. The sea shimmers and the surface looked like glass broken only by remote outcrops of rock spat out into the sea.

It is the perfect place to stop. There is plenty of parking for cars and even caravans directly by sea but, unfortunately, no hook-up services and no tourist shops as we know them, only a couple of cafes and small market selling essentials.

Abades lays claim to being one of the sunniest places on the island with an average of 350 days sunshine in the year and is an ideal base for eager visitors seeking peace and relaxation, close to unspoilt nature and away from the tourist resorts.

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