Weird and Wonderful Tenerife Carnival

Carnival, or as we spell it here in Tenerife CarnAval is a BIG event. So big it rivals Mardi Gras in Rio de Janeiro.

The party lasts for days and although Santa Cruz is home to the largest, loudest, most dazzling extravaganza, carnival festivities are celebrated all over the island.

For most the Grand Parade is the highlight.  Businesses and schools close so that everyone can get involved. Thousands of people, locals and tourists, line the streets as the city becomes a sea of colour, filled with excitement and fun.  It is safe to say that if you don’t go to carnival in fancy dress, you will feel like the odd one out. Costumes are worn by all from the fabulous, skimpy, sparkling sequins and flamboyant feathers in the parades to the ever popular men dressed as women, cartoon characters and even superheroes. Everyone is dressed up.

The vibe of Carnival for me boils down to throwing out your inhibitions, having a great time in pure, light-hearted fun and unbridled happiness. So join the fun at this years Carnival.

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