Tenerife Holidays – Top 10 Places for 2016

Rafał is from Poland and is an acquaintance I met through TripAdvisor. Like me, he enjoys travelling and like me, he likes to do it cheap without having to give up creature comforts.

On 20th November last, his boss called him into a meeting and said he had to use up all of his holidays before the end of the year otherwise he would lose them.

Like most people, if you are not specifically planning a holiday few have much spare cash so this left Rafal with the task of finding something different at a reasonable cost. He knew he could do it because this is how he had travelled to several places including Paphos and Corfu.

He warned his fiancé that he wanted her to take a week off work then he surprised her with a super last minute bargain of flights AND an All Inclusive hotel in Tenerife for just €400 per person.

They only had one week but wanted to see as much as possible. As a hobby Rafal has started to make travel videos, he is still learning, but as you can see from the two videos attached, he is good and one day wants to appear in front of the camera instead of behind.

He made the following video showing just 10 places he would recommend to anyone wanting to visit Tenerife or planning their holiday, but knows there is so much more on the island to see and he hopes to return some day.

He is already planning a follow up that I’m looking forward to seeing. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I did.

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