Art in San Isidro

Everyone knows I’m a push-over when it comes to sculptures.  Whether it is the works of art in the Parque García Sanabria in the islands capital or if I visit other countries they are always high on my list and I must, whenever possible, seek them out.  It is, therefore, fortunate that on my doorstep we have a unique park where I can indulge my guilty pleasure.

The “Parque de Esculturas de Los Cardones” in San Isidro is an incredible sculpture park that is only open on the second Sunday of the month between November to April.

This wonderful location with views down to the sea has more than 100 sculptures exhibited around its grounds. These are made from stone, steel, glass and wood and include the latest arrival, a new work called “Cazador de luz” or “Hunter of light”. Gleaming in the sun, it stands four metres high and moves with the wind.


In 1990, the artist and founder of the park withdrew from international activity in order to fulfil his dream and create a park that offers synergy between art, and the conservation and preservation of nature.  He founded the Gernot Huber Foundation which orders sculptures from international artists as well as offering scholarships to gifted young sculptors.

At the end of April the park closes until the following November. This allows the owners to go back to Hamburg where they have a similar park. Anyone who would like to visit should phone 922772331 and although visits are free, a donation is appreciated.

To find the park head from the motorway to the top of San Isidro along the main road. At the last roundabout continue straight ahead and after a short distance on the TF64 you will see a small road on the left Calle Gernot Huber – you have arrived.

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