You shall have a fishy at Agua y Sal

It has been ages since I did a restaurant review – that isn’t because we haven’t been eating out, more because we tend to have our favourite places and return time after time. They rarely change so all I could possibly say is still as good as ever.

However, recently we took a drive down the TF1 to Tajao. We weren´t going to eat, as neither of us are great fish lovers, we were going for the fresh air, the sea views and because the village is a pretty place to walk our girls.

While most of the small villages along this part of the coast are quietly snoozing in the sun, because of the number of fish restaurants, Tajao is a magnet for seafood lovers.

It was late Monday morning when we set off and nothing much going on down by the harbour, we wandered around watching men working on their boats, we dipped our toes in the sea and then around lunchtime we felt unbelievably hungry. On our way into the village we had spotted several parked cars and a pretty blue and white restaurant, Agua y Sal. I had read in ‘My Destination’ that this belonged to the Piccolo Group of Restaurants – Watermelon, Sal Negra, etc. that are popular with tourists and locals alike in San Telmo, Los Cristianos, so had little doubt it would be good.


The restaurant was quite busy and several people were sitting inside because it was hot. The room was decorated nicely with seafaring paraphernalia but because we had the dogs, we sat at a table on the terrace.

There is a menu on a board by the counter or you can choose your meal from what you see in the tanks. You order, say how you would like it prepared, and it is cooked by weight. As said, we are not normally into fish, so found this a bit daunting, however, the next table were eating spaghetti, with mussels, which I love, and prawns which Jim loves so we said ‘We’ll have that!

A large skillet arrived piled with fresh mussels and prawns and covered with a garlic and tomato sauce, and bread. There was more than enough for two, the pasta was perfectly cooked “al dente” and the flavour was delicious and delicate, so much so, forgetting our manners, we cleaned the dish by mopping up with the bread.


The whole time we were eating, people were coming into the restaurant, it was extremely busy but the waiters, despite rushing around were friendly and helpful, one even spoke a little English.

Seeing a lull in the rush, we asked for our bill, which including taxes and drinks was under €20 – almost as cheap as eating at home, as good as home cooked food, and no washing up – can’t be bad.

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  1. Kim says:

    We can’t thank you enough for your blog! Just back from our first ever trip to Tenerife and thanks to you had some great chicken (and an amazing view) at Otelo then, just before our flight home, an amazing lunch at Agua y Sal! We would NEVER have found either of them without your blog, nor would we have visited the Piramids at Guimar. Thanks again! Kim and Steve

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