An easy stroll along the coast.

I’m not the greatest of walkers these days, my dodgy left knee while alright at the time, gives me gyp for days afterwards if I walk too far.  However I found the following walk on the internet which said it was not far and easy going. We were visiting the north of the island, and as the day was relatively cool, we decided it was fine for walking our girls, so gave it a try.

Located in Los Realejos, in the north of Tenerife, the Rambla de Castro is one of the greenest areas of the island. This walk starts at sea level and ends at the Mirador of San Pedro. Along the way, you can see the splendid Casona de Castro, La Godejuela, where the first steam engine used to pump water was set up, and the Fort of San Fernando, built as a defence against pirate attacks.

At 2km with hardly any incline, this is little more than a stroll and takes about an hour. If you don´t feel like walking each way, then start at the Maritim Hotel and finish at San Pedro’s viewpoint, where public transport can take you back to the starting point.

The walk begins at the El Burgado cove where the sea has caused the coastline to recede and natural caves have been formed. Continue to the lookout point where the view of Roque Grande and Roque Chico is magnificent.


The path continues through Romantica II a product of tourism in the 1970s and continues to the Campo Santo lookout from where you get a wonderful view of the cliffs.

romantica 2

Next you cross a ravine by what looks like a new bridge and before you are the ruins of La Gordejuela pumping station, where the first steam pump in Tenerife was built in 1903. If you wish you can take the steps down to Fajana beach then you climb back to pick up the path again. (My research said there were 320 steps so we didn´t do this!)


/La Cámara Insular de Aguas de Tenerife

Like the rest of the archipelago, pirates often attacked Tenerife between the 15th and 17th centuries and the fort of San Fernando, a small armoured fort, is a reminder of this period.

/Los Realejos Travel

The Jardín del Edén estate is stunning with its beautiful palm trees and the Casona de Castro first built at the beginning of the 16th century, although the current farmhouse dates from a few centuries later.

/ WebTenerife

In the final stretch, you will gently climb a path that passes the hermitage of San Pedro, built in the 16th century and housing a Baroque statue of the saint. Here you can take in an amazing view of the coast and the area you have just covered.

Image Diego Delso

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