La Martina Argentinian Steakhouse – Playa de las Americas

Generally we don´t eat in the resorts, however friends were staying in Tenerife Royal Garden so after a pleasant snack and drinks in the Magic Bar we decided that a couple of days later we would visit La Martina in CC American Plaza as it had excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.

The plan was to have a decent bit of beef along with being entertained by dancers performing Argentinian Tangos. We booked a table (it was outside) but a short distance from the stage so we thought we would get a good view. The venue is large, with an indoor eating area, an outdoor area, and a covered area with a bar where people were also eating.

When we arrived, it was quite chilly and as the island was on a yellow alert for rain, we were pleased to see a large umbrella as well as a heater next to our table.

We ordered garlic prawns and three garlic breads with tomatoes and cheese for starters and they were tasty if a little unimaginative.

For our main course, we chose the steak, which came with a type of dauphinoise potato, ragout with chips and mixed vegetables and Carol and I opted for the steak strips with garlic and white wine. Our Greek waiter said it came with roast potatoes and roast vegetables.

When it arrived as you can see from the photos, it looked nothing like we imagined, more like a beef stew. However, we were assured it was correct, despite the side dish being chips. The two guys said their meals were fine, but our beef was chewy and gristly something I hate. I ended up leaving half, which I took home for my girls. One loved it; the other turned her nose up.

Halfway through our meal it started to rain and I asked an Italian waiter if he would open the umbrella that was next to our table. He got quite verbal (in his own language) suggesting it was not his job and to get someone else to do it, however everyone was busy so I said again, please put out the umbrella, only to be told they are only for sunshine. Nevertheless, he reluctantly did it and in the process spilt our drinks without a word of apology.

Ignoring the average food, and the rude waiter, we moved on to the show. The large billboard as well as the leaflets show a rather glamourous young lady and an Antonio Banderas lookalike performing a sexy tango. The reality was Bella Emberg and Russ Abbot.

When asked if we had enjoyed the evening we expressed our dissatisfaction and receive sincere apologies but at the end of the day it was very much a case of being mistaken for a tourist and we would be replaced tomorrow with a different tourist. This just reinforces why we rarely eat in the resorts.

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4 Responses to La Martina Argentinian Steakhouse – Playa de las Americas

  1. Light says:

    You are aware you yourself look like Bella Emberg too, right? The difference is that you can’t dance.

  2. bill barton says:

    Re the food, it should have been garnished with tea leaves and thrown in the bin, surprised you accepted such a mess M. as for the dancers you were spot on with your description, doubt if we will seek this place .

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