Parque García Sanabria

I have mentioned several times in my Tenerife blogs my love of art, I see the obvious and appreciate it, but I really like something with hidden meaning that takes some figuring out – that’s my idea of beauty. Whether it is graffiti in Seville, the surrealist work of Dali in Púbol or sculptures in Santa Cruz.

It is therefore no surprise that one of my favourite places, when visiting the capital is the Parque García Sanabria. It is located in the heart of the city just off the Rambla.

Entering by the flower clock, you are transported into a delightful garden lined with oleander walkways and bougainvillea covered pergolas. The light sparkles and dances in rainbow hues as the fountains cascade amongst the trees and as if that isn´t enough mystery awaits around every corner. The park is not just a garden but an outdoor art exhibition.


In the park, it is possible to enjoy numerous sculptures by major artists as well as busts of famous people of the city. After the “International Exhibition of Sculptures in the Street” in the mid-70s, some works were moved here along with other more recent additions. You can get a plan of the park from the Tourist Office that shows the layout of the sculptures, together with a list describing each.


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