Terraza del Botanico – Puerto de la Cruz

Having been to the Jardin Botánico in Puerto de la Cruz, we thought we would stop for a bite to eat before returning home.

On the other side of the road, opposite the garden’s entrance is a line of eateries one of which is the Terraza del Botánico. It has an outside terrace but because the sky had clouded over, we decided to sit inside, which was bright, white, and spotlessly clean.

Terraza Botanico (2)

Although it was mid-afternoon there were few people around in what I assume is usually a popular spot for snacks and drinks.

We were offered a menu by the friendly waitress which had a nice selection of salads (it felt too cold for one of those), a good selection of vegetarian meals including homemade croquettes and the usual burgers and sarnies.

We opted for the burgers even though at almost €10 they seemed expensive, however when they arrived they had a large salad garnish and instead of French fries, were accompanied with potato wedges and were very tasty. They were well-made and home-made unlike a McD which so many serve up. I would have like my bun to have been toasted rather than wafted in front of a grill but that is being picky as there was enough on my plate that I couldn’t eat all of the bun.

Terraza Botanico (1)

We rounded off our meal with a coffee that was good and paid our bill. I was surprised that having heard so much about how really cheap it is to eat in Puerto de la Cruz we didn’t find any of those 3-course meals and a drink for €6 or €7.  Although that was probably because we didn’t look very hard and went for somewhere rather smart, convenient and the quality even for a very basic meal, shone through.


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