WARNING: today’s friend could be tomorrow’s enemy.

This blog is just a warning to anyone who has ever used anything belonging to another person. Always ask permission, in writing, and once granted make sure you keep copies because as the heading says, today’s friend could so easily become tomorrow’s enemy.

I think most people know how I feel about crediting source and copyright. I have in the past taken down posts from the Facebook group Tenerife 4 All  because of this so it would be ironic if I was to be accused of infringing copyright, particularly on Queenies blog as 50% of the blogs are from outside sources. I have clearly stated this on the ‘About Page’  and also included a disclaimer that if I could not find the owner I would take down content should someone object.


So where is all this leading?  I have just been to the UK and emailed a long-time acquaintance, we had been friends since 2011, so I invited him to meet for coffee and put our friendship back on track. We had had a disagreement about a Facebook group and the outcome was I left the group and he blocked me seeing his posts.  When I did not receive a reply, I assume he was sulking!

You can, therefore, imagine my surprise when I finally landed in the UK to find my email full of complaints from WordPress that I had infringed copyright. As part of the process I was sent the complainants name, address, phone number and email address.

Now I am a bit anal about keeping certain things which meant that when I went through my files I soon found the following that not only gave full permission but also encouraged me to use items from his websites.

BLOGGING Copyright

From: The Red Queen
Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 12:02 PM
To: Peter
Subject: A heads up on what I am doing.

Hi Peter

I have a new blog which is going to be updated daily (well as far as I can manage it). It is mainly to inform people of the daily weather here above the resorts but to add when I see them, interesting bits and pieces from the news or just well written articles that I like.  I have clearly said that they are not mine and I will be pinching them from other people.

I am intending to use one of your blog items tomorrow morning. I am sure you won´t object as I have clearly said where it comes from and given a link back as I only used half the article but so you can view it and perhaps even follow this is the link Queenies Daily Snippets I have scheduled it for 9.00am tomorrow morning.  I only started it on 25th and already just under 200 views so I may be filling a niche.
Meryl xxx

On 27 January 2013 12:26, Peter ­­wrote:
Hi Meryl
Of course you can use it and please feel free to take anything from any of the sites, I know it’s in good hands.

Sounds like a nice blog and I know it will be great as the original one is top notch.
Peter x

From: Peter
Sent: 20/08/2013
To: to me

Here’s another couple of sites I run so if you see anything you like.

P x

­From: The Red Queen
Sent: 20/08/2013
To: Peter

wow these look great, I will of course be pinching some articles. Do you need me to let you know which (only read a couple so far) or just the fact that I will be doing it?

From: Peter
Sent: 20/08/2013
To: to me

No need, but please leave the links intact as some of them are guest posts and need to give the credit to the authors.
Peter x

From: Peter
Sent: 15/10/2013
To: to me
Hi M

Here’s one I just knocked out that you may want to use.


Hope all is well.

Naturally I sent these to WordPress who offered to reinstate all the articles. However I decided to delete, as I felt anyone who had spent so much time sifting  through almost 1800 blogs then proceeded to contact WordPress 32 times, at five minute intervals, to claim I had used his material without permission did not deserve to have external links leading others to his websites.

I have as far as possible respected Peter’s privacy by removing his email address and links to his websites although I did feel it necessary to write this article not only to clear my name but also as a warning to others.

No matter how good the friendship,  nothing is constant and tomorrow it could be over, so hang on to anything in writing giving you permission to use.

For more on Tenerife including daily weather read Queenie’s Daily Snippets everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog  
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  1. Karina says:

    Wow.. He seems to be in the grip of some huge vendetta.. And of course, you’re not the only target.. I removed myself from his Tenerife Facebook page because of his rants against his other target.. I don’t need to see that sort of negativity in my news feed!


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