Bournemouth more Bad Land than Promised Land

The next step on our UK trip was to be Sammy Miller’s Motorbike Museum but before we arrived, we spent the day in Bournemouth at a B&B. Now I may not know my Fendi from my Prada, but to say what I expected in Bournemouth was far removed from what I saw, is a bit of an understatement.

We used to visit when the children were young because of the beautiful beaches the nice pier, and the lovely sense of history. Before moving to Tenerife, I used to think Bournemouth would be a great place to live. The weather was always good down there and during the summer, the Gardens were a pleasant place to have a picnic. So what happened? Sadly, the characteristics of urban decay have moved in. Drugs, prostitutes, bums, Bournemouth now has it all.

The Gardens where we used to sunbathe are full of foreign students many lying on the ground drunk. The dross sit around in cafes making no effort to contribute to society or hang around corners drinking and smoking and playing stereos at full blast to impress Trraaccee or Shazza. For the discerning there is the Golden Arches, KFC, Poundland, and Wilkinson’s. Chav culture is very much alive here.

I used to think beautiful, sunny Bournemouth, but Bournemouth in the 21st century is a very depressing, charmless, no man’s land. It is sad that such a once lovely place has been ruined.

(I found Bournemouth just too depressing to even take my camera out of my handbag)

But moving on we arrived at Sammy Miller’s and although there are lots of motorcycles to see, there are also some craft shops, a very nice tea room and fields that have donkeys, llamas and a few farm animals including goats, ducks and geese. So while Jim gazed lovingly at the bikes, I wandered around and thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

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  1. John Hall says:

    So disheartened by your Bournemouth “review”. Used to visit on training courses over twenty years ago and loved the place. So sad.

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