Restaurante Los Fuegos – Los Cristianos

With friends over from the UK, it was a good excuse to try some new restaurants and one of the places we ladies lunched was Los Fuegos. It is a little off the main drag in Los Cristianos being tucked away behind the bus station where it has taken over the location of Friday’s Fish and Chip Shop.

It seems to be particularly popular at lunchtime with the business set. The sort of place you can settle in for a long relaxed dining experience. The interior is large, stylish, but totally unpretentious. There are huge meat cabinets and a large range of wines from which to choose.

Overall, the food is decent and the Menu del Dia offers particularly good value at under €10. I say ‘overall’ as Annie and I thoroughly enjoyed our better than passible chicken breast with cream of mushrooms and gorgonzola while Carol and Chris who had anticipated the ribs would come in a sauce both found them rather dry, with more bone than meat. We did, however, all agree that the salad was outstanding. Service is a little “ragged” with one excellent waiter, the more mature guy and one who gave the impression he had better things to do than be there. Kids eh!


I think casual but special! is how legions of locals will see this promising newcomer. Los Fuegos’ clear ambitions have yet to be fully realised, but I am sure with a few tiny tweaks they will get there.

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2 Responses to Restaurante Los Fuegos – Los Cristianos

  1. Annie says:

    Lovely to read your review on our brilliant lunch date with you, Carol & Chrissie. Can’t wait to come back to the Island and do it all over again!

    • Annie apologies for delay in replying, I am currently in Morocco and have very limited internet access. Glad you enjoyed our girlie lunch I did and am amazed that a bunch of women who got to know each other through the internet can have such a lovely time and have so many things in common. Cant wait to do it again. xx

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