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Tenerife has many things to be proud of and one of them is definitely our fruit and vegetables.

We are people who like good food, that also means the accompaniments that go with our meals. The cuisine may be simple but the variety and quality of the products is important. I have mentioned in the past traditional foods and recipes of the islands and my opinion now is more than ever that our fruit and vegetables take an awful lot of beating.


Canary tomatoes have an intense red colour and are sweet to taste. A salad would not be complete without them but they also play a leading role in many Tenerife recipes whether in stews, sauces or just to eat on their own.


Wherever you look on our island, you will find banana plantations. The Canary Banana is unmistakable. Its flavour is unique, simply delicious, and unparalleled. It looks different, as it is small, yellow with black spots and inside a delicate cream colour. Although the most common way to eat it is fresh, it is also useful in the kitchen where it can be fried, barbequed turned into delicious cakes, preserves, mousse, and ice creams. It also makes a delicious liqueur.


Chestnut are still part of our landscape, mainly in the north of the island. The sweet smell of roasted chestnuts in our streets tells us that autumn has arrived. However, it is during the celebration of San Andres that chestnuts play an important role. On the 29th November, the wine cellars in Tenerife open their doors to taste the new wine which is always accompanied by chestnuts and a good mojo.


Undoubtedly, the potato is the star of our cuisine. It is to Canarian cooking what Mount Teide is to Tenerife. Grown in huge qualities we have more than 20 varieties which include “papas bonitas” (pretty potatoes) and “papas Quineguas or Chineguas” (King Edward potatoes) and my favourite “papa negra” (black potato) which is small, round and has a yellow centre. It is always expensive and the best way of preparing is in papas arrugadas for something completely different to anything eaten in the rest of Europe.

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