Garachico sculptures

Regular readers of this Tenerife blog won’t be surprised to see that following on from my visit to Garachico I now have the excuse to show you a number of sculptures that can be found in the town.

There are lots of busts to famous people but the only one I had heard of is in the town square Simon Bolívar the founder of Bolivia whose mother was born in Garachico. However, busts aren’t my thing; I like big bold pieces so the rest of the list really impressed me.

The Fish is a sculpture dedicated to the local men of the sea and is a symbol of local cuisine.

garachico sculptures 10

Moreover, to the women fishmongers of the town, is this lovely steel sculpture.

Called ‘Monument to the Immigrant’ I like to think it is dedicated to all of us who live on this beautiful island.

This obelisk is a reminder of the volcanic eruption of 1706 an event that marked a long period of economic decline in the town.

garachico sculptures 5

There’s even a statue to celebrate putting those dastardly Brits in their place. It commemorates the Derrame del Vino that took place in 1666 when local wine growers poured gallons of wine down the drain, in protest to the British monopoly of Canarian wine.

Probably the most recognisable is Tensei Tenmoku (door without door) that overlooks the sea.garachico sculptures 1


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