A guide to eating places in Tenerife

Once again Tripadvisor is responsible for the idea behind this blog.  I rarely recommend restaurants because everyone has different tastes and expectations, however, what does surprise me is that few people seem to realise the number of different types of eateries we have on the island. Restaurants are part of our culture but many have different names so what do you expect when you enter each?


A proper sit-down restaurant like any other in the western world. The customs and protocols are pretty much the same too.

Horno Asador

The name literally translates to roasting oven. Huge chunks of meat or suckling pigs are placed in dishes and slid into the oven or onto an open grill. These eateries are very popular with tourists and locals alike due to their authentic feel.


Canarians love to eat outdoors, so you will find ‘terraces’ everywhere. Most have an indoor dining room, but due to the weather, people prefer their meals under awnings, umbrellas, even trees as they eat and watch the world pass by. In the holiday resorts, these establishments tend to be clustered together and have similar menus.

Tasca or Tapas Bar

These are everywhere.  They can be grand or grotty with floors covered in paper napkins, but these are where the locals go and are often the best, or they can be the bar of a proper sit-down restaurant.



Want a cheap meal of wholesome fare? Head for a comidas here you will find taxi drivers, police, etc. this is where the local workforce go and penny for penny you will find the best deals.


Quintessentially a shed, garage or a room in the family home where the wife of the winemaker offers simple food from the family kitchen to accompany the wine produced on the land.

So next time you are out and about, look for the signs, you are bound to find something that suits your taste.

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