Why you should register on the Padrón

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A few years ago, anyone who bought property in Tenerife was encouraged to sign on the padrón of their local council. It seems lately many are failing to do so, despite it being compulsory for anyone who lives here more than 6 months.

One reason people don’t register is probably due to confusion caused by inaccurate information. Sometimes intentional, as some try to suggest that anyone who is registered could be the subject of fiscal checks and tax inspections. Hence, many British ex-pats perceive the Padrón in a ‘big-brother’ fashion – as a means used by the authorities to identify individuals. Another reason is often the perceived complexity of Spanish paperwork. Yet none of these reasons are true.

What is the Padrón?

It is a register of residents living within a specific area and the numbers registered are used by your local authority to obtain the correct funding from central government for basic services such as health, education, police, and fire. By registering, you will actually benefit your community and boost your Town Hall’s resources.

How to register on the Padrón

It is easy, take to your local Ayuntamiento identification such as your NIE or passport, a utility bill and a copy of your house deeds or rental agreement. The whole process is quick and straightforward, and is either free or just a nominal charge depending on the area. You will then receive a certificate showing your property details and the names of all who live there.

When living abroad, you rely on the services of the country you live in. If you fail to register, you run the risk of being unable to get help when you need it. Therefore, the advantages of being registered are not only financial but can safeguard you in the future should any problems arise.

The Benefits

You’ll need your padrón certificate to carry out various administrative tasks, such as.

  • Registering to marry within the local municipality.
  • Enrol children in school. In case of limited school places, it is used to determining catchment area.
  • Purchase a car and transfer an imported vehicle to Spanish plates.
  • Possible deduction on some basic taxes and a reduction on others like inheritance tax.
  • Discounted rates on using municipal facilities, leisure and cultural activities and courses run by the town hall. In Tenerife, many activities available to tourist also benefit from residents discounts.
  • In the Canary Islands, there is the benefit of 50% travel discounts.
  • Access to benefits and social care after a certain period of time.
  • It is necessary when you want to register for healthcare and doctors services, or need residential care.
  • Finally, if you are registered you are entitled to vote in local elections.

YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND LOTS TO GAIN – registering on the Padrón may just be worth your while.

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6 Responses to Why you should register on the Padrón

  1. Richard Ashby says:

    Hi, what’s the difference between the Pardon and a Residencia. Do we still get residents discounts, such as Siam Park, flights with the Pardon, or only as a full time resident.


    • The residencia was issued as a green certificate now a card. It is no longer a form of identification but is necessary for lots of activities like discounts on Siam Park, however to get flight discounts, healthcare etc you need to be registered with your local town hall, which is the Padron, and it is from there the airlines pick up your details identifying you as a resident. You don´t have to live here full time, but if you are here for more than 6 months a year it is a legal requirement.

  2. Richard Ashby says:

    Hi, thank you for the reminder. I discounted before as I did not think it would benefit me. Is it really as easy as a single visit to the town hall with NIE passport and electricity bill.
    Thanks also for you blogg, always something to learn.

  3. Monica Biggs says:

    Thank you Red Queen,
    That made everything very clear. I just want to check that if we are owners of a Tenerife property but live abroad we should not apply for the above?
    Thank you,

    • Personally I would Monica, there are so many benefits once you are listed. This morning I have been to collect the results of my blood test which was done last week and next week I am booked into the new hospital for a mammogram, all free because I am a pensioner. You would be entitled to the same and IMO so much quicker and easier if you are actually here than having to line up at an NHS hospital or alternatively pay 😦

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