Salaam Alaykum to the people of Morocco

Morocco is an extremely photogenic country. Bustling markets and medinas lend themselves to those of us who love to click. As those who have been reading RQM for a while know, I love photographing people – there is usually so much beauty in the young and so much knowledge and interest in the old. Unfortunately, Moroccans, unlike Indians and Chinese, do not enjoy being photographed. It’s something to do with choosing a particular person as being special so it rises them above their peers and because of it, retribution will be around the corner. It is a real shame since faces speak so many words.

I always asked permission if I wanted to photograph a person. OK not exactly ask but I raised my camera to eye level and smiled. Sometimes it worked and I got a yet, others the answer was no and that decision had to be respected. However on a couple of occasions I did make out I was photographing something in the distance while trying to catch an interesting expression, unfortunately, it didn’t always work and I have had to bin a few fuzzy images.


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2 Responses to Salaam Alaykum to the people of Morocco

  1. Denise Hutchings says:

    Hi need some help please
    I’m trying to find a bike rental that does quadricycle in San Cristóbal de La Laguna any help please would be appreciated
    Regards Denise

    • Sorry, I have no idea as I don´t live in the north of the island. I would suggest you ask on TripAdvisor as there are those on there who claim to be experts on the whole island.

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