Camel, Snails and Eggy Doughnuts.

The food we had in our hotels wasn’t the greatest, breakfasts were excellent but the few evening meals we had were quite bland. I expect it is deliberate to suit the European palate but Jim and I just wished they would add a bit of spice or garlic. There were plenty of salads on offer but that is hardly surprising when you head to the souks and see the wonderful array of fruit and vegetables and all unbelievably cheap.

The street food was delicious even the doughnuts that were served with fried eggs. I had wondered why the vegetables were so overcooked and soggy but discovered that if you are eating only with your right hand (no knives and forks allowed on the street) you have to squidge the vegetable into the couscous to make a tidy ball to pop into your mouth.

It did surprise me that the outdoor butchers were so clean, although I didn’t see anyone rushing to buy a camel head.

As expected dates play a major part in the diet and we had our fair share, delicious and nothing like the dried up old things we get served up at Christmas.

And whilst I was tempted to buy the spices and rose petals nothing would induce me to try the snails.

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