Costa Bella – El Medano

Every 8 weeks we take Caña and Marti to have their hair cut close to El Medano. At one time, we would while away the couple of hours waiting for them on La Tejita beach. Nowadays, since they have built the shopping centre at Sotavento, we take our books and have a coffee overlooking the picturesque Montaña Roja and the ocean.


This is the spot where controversially a five-star hotel is planned to be constructed. Despite more than 100,000 signatures from opposition campaigners, the plans appear to have moved a step closer. The Canary Government have given the green light, in principle, to the hotel and while full permission is still needed, Granadilla Council are happy that it will not violate the protection and sustainability elements of the environment.

It is probably because of this nod in the direction of approval that when we were there last, we noticed building work had re-started on the modern, high-quality apartments that are built close to the beach and the famous Red Mountain.


We could see the two workers’ huts and the white painted outline of where the hotel will stand, by the roundabout at the end of the shopping centre. However, we didn’t get a photo, as we were more concerned in avoiding the gale that was blowing so ran to the coffee shop.


The commercial centre has grown since our first visit in late 2015. It now offers shops, restaurants, and a good-sized supermarket. Outside in the nicely laid gardens, there are basketball courts and two play areas for little kids as well as older kids so the whole area seems to have the infrastructure for the daily needs of tourism as well as residents.

I think anyone who stays here is lucky. El Medano is the perfect backdrop for a home or a holiday it has a special atmosphere, which perfectly integrates international influences with Canarian culture.

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