Pavements are for Pedestrians

It may seem an obvious thing to say, roads are for cars, bikes and scooters and pavements are for walking on.

At least that used to be the case but in recent years, pedestrians will attest to the number of tandem scooters that seem to be multiplying like rabbits and taking over the walkways all along the seafront in Tenerife’s southern resorts.

I understand the need for mobility scooters, these are not the problem as the drivers are invariably courteous and don’t travel fast. The pain in the rear are the large scooters that sometimes have three or four people on board.

Image / RoundTownNews

The reason for the growing popularity is simple: They can be cheaply hired out by the hour. Young kids can whiz up and down on them without an adult’s presence. There seems to be no speed limit and lazy fat lumps pile on board with babies hanging off their laps and bags swinging from the handlebars rather than stretch their legs and get a little exercise.

The drivers of these vehicles seem to think they have right of way and regularly weave in and out of pedestrians as they silently approach along the promenades and pavements at high speed making it unsafe for those on foot. Little wonder accidents are on the increase and there is an upsurge in frayed tempers, as we now have to share our walkways.

Image Delfina Genovesi

They are supposed to be banned yet the police at Las Vistas beach seem curiously lenient toward these pavement-hoggers. At best, they might remind them to slow down but most of the time seem not to even notice. Perhaps they have not been given clear instructions. And of course, until we see more serious incidents the authorities will do nothing to regulate the use of these scooters in public spaces.

Sadly, as is often the way with these moneymaking schemes, consequences are rarely considered and the result is these drivers have taken spaces reserved for walking as their own. In short, pedestrians are paying the price. Do Arona and Adeje not realise these unwelcome and dangerous ‘joy riders’ are spoiling it for the holidaymakers who want to enjoy WALKING!

What is required is a manifesto: Pavements are for Pedestrians.

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