The Soul Lodge – Tenerife

At the beginning of July when my friend Carol was staying with me, we decided to have our Sunday lunch at the Soul Lodge. We had tried to book during Carol’s previous visit for Mother’s Day but there were no tables available for several months. This made us wonder what was so special and of course, being nosy we NEEDED to find out. This time, we were lucky and got a table but what we didn’t know was that it would be the last Sunday lunch for a while as Stefan and Simonne were leaving the following day for a month’s holiday.

The bar is in a horrendous area for parking, so we dropped into the Salytien underground and walked out the back door onto the promenade. Not knowing where we were heading we set off in the direction of Pueblo Canario and were faced with the steps. Ordinarily no problem but they seemed insurmountable in 30 degrees and by the time we arrived we were ready for a cool drink and this was promptly supplied by Sarah, one of the ladies behind the bar.


Our table had been reserved for the whole day and as it turned out, that was a good thing, as we spent almost 7 hours over lunch and entertainments. The first act came on just as our lunch was being brought to the table. It was Katie Jay Allen. We both thought she had a lovely voice and fortunately knew everything she sang so we could sing along.


Our food then arrived. We had prawn cocktail for starters. I don´t know why I ordered this as I’m not a lover of prawns but the sauce was nice and I fished my prawns out and passed them on to Carol who enjoyed them.

We then ordered the beef and pork. There was so much that I had to wrap up a thick slice of beef to take home for my girls, which was fortunate as they were sulking as I had been gone so long. The meat was the way we both liked it, we were impressed that the veg were fresh and the Yorkshires homemade. Nothing in the meal appeared to have seen a microwave, which is always a plus. The wine was very drinkable according to Carol and if she hadn´t been driving she could have had a bottle for just €7. We were so stuffed we couldn’t manage a pudding even though tempted by the Chocolate and Guinness cake.

The next act of the afternoon was Scotty D. He had a beautiful soul voice and while we both loved the songs we knew, he did sing quite a few we didn´t know. Scotty was joined by David Salmon. I would like to see his Tom Jones tribute, but that particular Sunday he wasn’t working and was out for a couple of pints and a curry, but was called up on stage and did a great job.

The final act of the day was the outrageous Roxy Risqué, (aka Tony Race). Carol didn´t know what to expect but I have known Tony for many years since, at one time, we both used to visit the same hairdresser. He is a hilariously funny act as well as a really nice guy. The audience all sang and laughed their way through the Golden Age of Hollywood and the three men on the table next to us blushed most of the time as they were on the receiving end of his jokes.

So was our visit worth the wait? Definitely, the food was first class, the waiting staff friendly and pleasant and once Stefan and Simonne are back from their hols. (There are Sunday Roasts during August) but normal service does not resume fully until September then we will definitely be booking for Carol’s next visit.



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