The Olive Garden Deli – Los Cristianos

I last reviewed The Olive Garden in 2013 when it was located on the seafront in Los Cristianos.  Then it was  not much more than a tiny outside area with a few tables and chairs and a good reputation.  In the intervening years, it has relocated to the Oasis Pasarella halfway up Av. San Francisco.

Olive Garden (9)

There isn’t much as yet in the shopping centre so if you park at the back of the building and walk through the entrance you can’t miss the restaurant on the 1st floor.  It is large with a seating area inside, tables on the walkway and a terrace out the front. It is also large enough to have room to display the fresh daily breads, salads and various pickles and spices that are all made on the premises by the owner.

We ordered, two of us choosing the breaded chicken with lemon sauce which came with chips or vegetables and salad and Carol ordered the scampi, again with chips and salad and a great doorstep of homemade bread. It was so tempting that as soon as it arrived we all tucked in hence the picture below is all I managed to take when I realised there would be little left on the plates!

Olive Garden (3)

Despite the new location and what must be a huge increase in rent, the portions are as massive as ever.  We had two chicken breasts each and don’t have huge appetites so naturally, we ended take one each home.  Jim and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals, but Carol said her scampi was disappointing as they were mostly batter, so just okay.

We had drinks and barraquito but we could not resist the restaurants take on popular chocolate bars.  These include Toblerone, Walnut Whip, Creme Eggs and we chose Turkish Delight. As we were totally stuffed we asked for these to be packed and carried them home. I have since had a small piece on top of a bowl of ice-cream be warned they are VERY VERY SWEET, a little goes a long way, but totally irresistible.

Our whole bill including wine was €42 and J and I have vowed to make this a regular treat, next time we will probably try the curry!

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