Outlet Shopping – El Galeón

I left the visit to the new outlet shopping mall for a couple of weeks to let it settle down before seeing what it was really like.  I’m not great at shopping, I like to go when I have something  specific in mind and not just on the off chance I may see something, so there really was no need for me to rush.

For visitors who don´t know the area, once you head into Adeje town the centre is signposted on every available lampost. I was impressed as we pulled up by the stylish white and red colour scheme that is both on the exterior and inside the centre, it is all very fresh, clean and appealing.  There was also plenty of parking both on the street and in the underground carpark which was bright, airy and without that horrible crammed in feeling.


I had been told that it was much the same as all the other commercial centres and it was a shame that new companies hadn’t moved in. For me the majority of shops were new, I can’t remember seeing a Forecast, Shana, Fifty Factory or Yeyo in other southern shopping centres and all were offering great prices for mostly quality goods.  There were the usual Encuentro, Marypaz and Guess but still to come are Desigual, Punta Roma, Fund Grube and some jewellery shop.

We had a coffee then started the trek around the two floors,  surprisingly I quickly found two pairs of  trousers, two tops and a dress for my September holiday, all for under €60, even though buying was the furthest thing from my mind.  Jim got a €50 pair of trousers for under €20 and a lovely pair of trainers reduced to €30 in Via Franca. We both enjoyed the JYSK homeware shop and ended up buying two fluffy cushions at almost giveaway prices and I adored the handbags in Urban Factory.  I managed over three hours in El Galeón which when you consider only two-thirds is open, isn’t bad going for someone who normally hates shopping.


With this new Outlet, Siam Mall and Parque Santiago 6 I feel we are now spoilt for shops in the south of Tenerife. I think this new one in Adeje will be mainly the domain of locals rather than tourists however all our Malls are open on Sundays – Oh No! are we turning into the UK?

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4 Responses to Outlet Shopping – El Galeón

  1. Fred Brown says:

    Dear Red Queen. Follow your comments with interest and enjoyment. We go to Los Christ. every year . We did try El Galeon this November, and I would perhaps comment that it is fine if you have car, but buses are difficult to get there . We used the taxi, but found that to return there simply wasn’t any. After a long wait we had to go to a local cafe and they ordered one for us. It should be noted for visitors, that it is well out of the main town. Keep writing Thanks

    • Thank you so much for your comment Fred, I really appreciate it because living here and having the car I don’t always know how difficult it may be for others to get to certain places so your remarks are really useful x

  2. Carol Hannay says:

    Sounds good ,must make a date for December x

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