Third time lucky – now we can eat!

We were meeting Janet and Reg on Monday evening for fish and chips at Scampi’s. We frequently eat there which is why I didn´t bother taking a camera with me and why I am using old photographs. When we arrived, it had the shutters down and was closed for a month’s holiday. 😦

We then decided to walk across into Vistasur CC and eat at Amina. That wasn´t just closed but according to the man in the apartment’s reception next door – “gone for good!” double 😦

Finally, we agreed to go to Taurus next to Tenerife Royal Gardens, which is where our friends have apartments. The last time I reviewed Taurus was in May 2014 when it was relatively new, but Janet and Reg eat there regularly and said the food was always good.


It was a lovely evening; we sat outside and fiddled with the blinds as the sun was going down making it hard to see. We then ordered – Reg went for the fish and chips as he was looking forward to those. Janet had the black snapper with Canarian potatoes and salad, Jim the plain grilled chicken breast with jacket potato and I had the lamb chops which came with a few diced roast potatoes, grilled peppers and those green marrow type vegetables – are they called Calabaza?

We then went for puddings, fresh strawberries and apple pies with cream. It was all delicious. None of us are drinkers, so we got through a couple of soft drinks, a couple of bottles of water and half a litre of house white.

When the bill arrived it was, including the tip, €100 but worth every penny. I can´t remember the last time that I ate out and cleared my plate. I ALWAYS take half my meat home. There must have been 6 or 7 lamb chops but I scoffed the lot. The service was good, the surroundings pleasant and it certainly won´t be 2 years before we eat there again.

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