Restaurante Margarita, Los Cristianos

At the moment, these reviews are coming thick and fast, I assume because it is summer and friends are taking their annual holidays so meet-ups are happening regularly.

We met friends on Monday night when we ate at Taurus, and on Tuesday, Jim and I were meeting Rob (who set up the Facebook Group Tenerife 4 All ) and his wife Mary. This was our second meeting the first being when we had drinks in Parque Santiago VI and once we realised how well we got on face-to-face we decide a second get together was called for.

It’s been a while since we went to Restaurante Margarita but it’s the sort of place where the food is reliably good and the entertainment second to none. I booked a table using their Facebook page and was impressed with the speed of the response, in only a matter of minutes our table was confirmed as being outside with a view of the entertainment.

Now this is where I made my mistake, the others were having starters and despite the fact I said I wouldn´t have one, I was overtaken by a bout of ‘eyes bigger than belly syndrome’. With garlic prawns, two lots of breaded mushrooms one with alioli the other with chilli sauce, and my cheese and blackberry we tucked in. The portions were huge!

We needed to take a break and asked if our main course could be delayed by 20 minutes. These were going to be prepared by the lovely Martha who has been working the BBQ to death for years, and she said “no problemo!”

OMG when our mixed kebabs arrived they were falling off the plates. Not because the plate was full of salad and chips (which there was a lot of) but because there was so much meat. It was delicious, and I felt bad that I couldn´t finish it because I was so full. However, it was packed along with the salad and I took it home. There was enough for Jim and me by adding a few chips to have a meal the following evening. Ordinarily, my girls are the ones that benefit from take-homes, but the meat was so gorgeous they had no chance, apart from a couple of pieces from Jim and Mary’s plates that I had wrapped separately.


Now totally satisfied we settled down for the entertainment. First Boy George, more my kids era than mine however, he certainly had the look and when he opened his mouth, I thought he had the sound. Pip Brown next did his Michael Buble show, always quality and finally Ged Bolton giving us Rod Stewart. I have been a fan of Rod’s since first seeing him at The Redcar Jazz Club in the 1960s when he used to sing with Long John Baldry, and Georgie Fame. So for me this was the highlight of the evening, especially when Ged sang “for the lady in the corner” (aka me!) Handbags and Gladrags.

All that is left to say is for two people who hadn´t been to Restaurante Margarita for a while, and for two people who had never been it was a superb night.

Thanks naturally go to Eddie whose professionalism make the venue so special; it really does stand out from the crowd.

(NB: The food images are mine but the entertainment posters are from Facebook as it is hard using a camera through glass).
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