Hospitals in South Tenerife

I’ve been asked to add a post about the hospitals we have in the South of Tenerife, and whilst I have no personal knowledge of using these facilities, I have tried to find as much information to share not only with residents but also with tourists.

The Canary Islands have more private hospitals than any other region in Spain and you will need private medical or travel insurance to access their services.

Hospitals In South Tenerife:-

HOSPITEN SUR (Green Hospital)
Tel. 922750022
Calle Siete Islas 8, Arona,
Staff speak English, German and other languages. Mainly private 24-hour emergency service. Outpatients Tel. 922751182 / 922751662

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Tel. 922752626 / 922792400
Urbanization San Eugenio, Adeje
24-hour emergency service. House and hotel calls.

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A holidaymaker told me the following tale… He developed a lung infection; the symptoms became worse and resulted in a diagnosis of pneumonia. He went to the Quiron, had excellent treatment and care but at a cost. The initial admission tests were €230 followed by intensive care at €2000 euros a day. His travel insurance refused to pay as he should have visited a public hospital first and used his EHIC as stated in their terms and conditions!

So I stress – check your insurance to see where you should go if you need treatment.

There is only ONE public hospital (equivalent to NHS) in the south.

Tel: 922174744
Calle Delta, 9, Arona – Open 24 hours

Image Sol del Sur

You can see it in the hills 2 miles above Los Cristianos. You may need an interpreter, some say the staff speak English, others say not, therefore if it is anything that cannot be diagnosed by looking it is best to take a translator.

On occasions and depending on the treatment required, the sick may be transferred to the public hospital in Santa Cruz

Tel: 922602000
Ctra. Gral. del Rosario, Santa Cruz – Public Hospital

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layout of candelaria hospital

The EHIC can only be used in public hospitals, in Tenerife South this means El Mojón and the Hospiten Sur, which is mixed private-public and it entitles the cardholder to any medically necessary treatment that cannot wait until they return home. You should have your passport or some sort of photo id as well as an up to date EHIC, (if you don´t have your card when you go to the hospital, expect to pay).

If your EHIC is lost or stolen, you should apply for a Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) that will provide you with the same cover as an EHIC until you return home. To apply, call the Overseas Healthcare Team +44 1912181999 (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm). You will need to provide your name – address – date of birth – National Insurance or NHS number.

In an emergency to call an ambulance dial either 061 or 112 but be aware that the Spanish health system works differently to the UK so unless a qualified doctor calls an ambulance it will have to be paid for by someone – that will be you or hopefully your insurance.

There are plenty of clinics in the south that provide excellent healthcare should you need it. To decide if you need a hospital or clinic I would suggest  if you have a bug, an ear infection, a bad case of sunburn, a sprained ankle, unexplained sickness, or a multitude of things that I would class as ‘walking wounded’ go to the clinic. They will give you any medications necessary, bandage you up or whatever is needed to get you back to health. If it is something more serious that may need a bed then go to the hospital. In both of these don´t expect them to speak English so if you can take someone to translate.

Below is a list of clinics close to the holiday resorts take your EHIC in an emergency.

Tel: 922 791 253 / 922 796 300
Avda. República Panamá, 3 (Playa de las Américas)

Tel: 922752474
Pueblo Canario, 238 (Playa de las Americas)
Monday – Saturday 9am – 2pm and 4pm – 8pm.
24-hour emergency service and house calls.

Tel: 922717172
Avenida Bruselas, Edificio Terrazas del Duque, Adeje,

Urb. San Miguel. Tel: 922330550 / 333712 and 333798
24-hour emergency service and house calls

Tel: 922390134
Avda. Santa Cruz, 140 (San Isidro)

Tel: 922785092
Avda. Galván Bello, 23, Las Galletas.

Tel: 922790486
Ed. Valdés Centre, Los Cristianos

I hope the above will serve as a helping hand to anyone that needs medical assistance, whether in an emergency or otherwise.


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  1. bcegerton says:

    I have personal experience of the kidney dialysis unit at Hospiten Sur in Playa de las Americas, great unit with excellent staff. Friendly and spotlessly clean, I will be using this unit again next month

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    hi a friend is coming to island october would like tofind as much as possible about long term lets doesnt seemmuch availability in los cris she is learning spanish and presently working social services at home looking after eldrrly disabled just trying find a few things for her thanks in advance

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