A Great Experience

Have you ever had your cards read? I know not everyone believes in tarot cards, some think they are silly, some that they are a fraud and some believe – we are all different.

With my friend Carol staying, I thought we might try it as I know she likes that sort of thing and I’m open-minded and ready to give anything a shot, if it works great, if not I’ve learned a lesson for next time. So I had my cards read by Rob in Los Cristianos.

To be honest, I thought something along the lines of, “Read my cards, yeah right, I have so many things that I would love a little direction with but I seriously doubt someone reading cards can help”. Nevertheless, for fun, I agreed to go along and admit I was curious as to how it would pan out.

Carol had had readings before and told me ‘Don´t tell him anything’. We decided we would listen to each other’s readings because as close friends we might recognise something said that the other overlooked.

So, you want to know what happened. Okay!

First, I figured he would ask what do you want to know about. Nope, he didn’t ask a thing. He just explained what he would do and if we had any specific questions we could ask them at the end. Carol went first and chose her cards and I sat in silence and thought WOW! Some of the things he told her were so accurate, he couldn’t possibly have known as they only happened the previous day. He said she was confused did not know which way to step, and out of character for her, her emotions were ruling her head, Yup, he was right.

Then it was my turn. I’m not comfortable discussing the whole reading as it was personal but I will give you an idea of how it went.

He said I have a strong need to succeed and achieve and the word failure isn’t in my vocabulary. Okay, so anyone could guess that but let’s continue.

He said I have been pulled backwards and forwards by people all expecting a part of me and I was on the point of giving up. Which is true, I have been evaluating my life, spending time realising what is important to me, but there is no way he could have known that.

He nailed right on the nose my fear and confidence issues. It was scary. Let’s just say, I am often torn and probably worry too much rather than just make things happen. I know I’m capable, but still have doubts and I don’t talk about my fears so I know he hadn´t read it in my blog and it wasn’t something someone could have told him. He proceeded to tell me that I should keep going with whatever I was doing, not to give up because there would shortly be  ‘opportunities’ that would be beneficial to me and my family.

So what do I think about “The Cards?” All I can say is I’m now a believer. I personally feel that Rob’s readings can be trusted. I felt mine was accurate and touched on areas of my life I had never previously spoken aloud. I believe some people have a gift and are able to read cards, while others are gifted in other ways, so with the right person they are a powerful tool, but only with the right person. I think there are many fakes, who give tarot cards a bad name, it’s sad, but true, so I fully understand people wanting to be careful and not get scammed but for me all I can say is WOW!

FOOTNOTE: Exactly one week to the day after my reading and totally out of the blue, I received an offer from a major company to collaborate with them.  Now that is really spooky !!

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