Culture, Traditions, Pilgrimages in September & October

Having looked at the tradition of celebrating the Virgen del Carmen that takes place this month, I was asked by readers what other fiestas occur at this time of year. There are quite a lot for September as culture, tradition and pilgrimages are part of Tenerife’s everyday identity and can be found in all corners of the island. So below are the events that I have found in September and tagged on to the end is October, because from what I can see there is only a couple of events, although you may know differently.

Los Abrigos’ Fiestas Patronales de San Blas

The most beautiful maritime procession is celebrated at this time each year in Los Abrigos. The festivities commemorate the Virgen del Carmen, San Blas, San Blasito and Brother Pedro Betancourt. The Plaza Agua Dulce is the starting point for a procession to the harbour, and music, fireworks, a communal paella, and floral offerings thrown in the sea follow.

Fiestas del Cristo de La Laguna

La Laguna is on holidays throughout the month of September, though the big day is the 14th, when the image of Christ comes to Plaza del Cristo in a procession and traditional fireworks deafen the city for a few minutes. The Sabandeño Festival, the concert of the Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife, youth concerts, comedy nights, sporting events and children’s activities make a broad program of events attracts thousands of visitors each year come to enjoy the holidays with los laguneros.

Celebrations of Christ of Tacoronte

Sports tournaments, photo contests, Urban and White Night Festival during the first week to warm things up. From 16th things will warm up with Festival of Art, election of the Queen of the Festival, processions, street parties, fireworks display, Crafts and Antique Fair to complete the nearly 3 weeks of festive events.


Romería de Socorro

This pilgrimage takes place in Güímar and is the oldest not only in Tenerife but in the entire Canary Islands. On 7th September, pilgrims journey all the way from the Church of San Pedro in the town centre to the chapel of the Virgin on the beach of El Socorro. In the afternoon, a celebration commemorates the moment when the virgin of Nuestra Señora del Socorro appeared to the Guanche people on the beach of Chimisay. The following day, the figure of the virgin is once again carried to the town and returned to the church of San Pedro.

La Librea de Tegueste

This event dates back to the 17th century and was declared in 2007 and event of Cultural Interest. It has its origin in several traditions, all with the aim of thanking the saints for delivering the people of the town from either plague or the attacks of pirates. The locals in traditional Tegueste costumes re-enact scenes of rural life, while, soldiers march the streets towards the captain’s house and a battle breaks out between the boats and the castle, ending in an impressive display of light and sound. The Librea is celebrated every 3 years early in September and has become a key festival in the town.

Fiestas del Santísimo Cristo

Early in the month, La Laguna celebrates its festival in honour of the Holy Christ and the devotion is immense. The main day is September 14th, in which numerous events occur and include a traditional military parade, the magna processions, open-air parties, and the much-anticipated firework display with its deafening explosions. The display attracts visitors from all over the Island.

In September, the struggle between good and evil, represented in the form of dance is staged in several districts but mainly in the north of the island.

Baile de las Libreas

The ancient celebration of the Librea Dance takes place during the festival of the Virgen de la Consolación in El Palmar. As the parade passes along the streets, three pairs of male dancers (three dressed as women) dance to the sound of tajaraste music. Joining the dancers are two flute players and two drummers, as well as a devil and a deviless symbolising good and evil. The dance was originally intended to protect the crops from evil spirits

The Dance of the Devil and the Deviless

In Icod de los Vinos during the night, the devil, and the deviless take to the streets accompanied by a host of giants and huge-headed figures to entertain the old and the young with their dancing. This tradition was first celebrated in the area’s neighbourhoods during Corpus Christi festivities

Sabandeño Festival

The folk group, have been recognised for over 40 years worldwide. Sabandeños often share the stage with other national and international renown bands and musicians. It is a great opportunity in early September in La Laguna. More information: here

Traditional Threshing in Buenavista

The old district of El Palmar, in Buenavista, is the setting for the traditional threshing when the older generations relive and revive this activity. The celebration reveals the secrets traditionally used to obtain grain from wheat. Every year, horses and cattle are guided across the threshing ground to complete the task.

Pilgrimage of San Miguel

During the second half of September, the pilgrimage of San Miguel is held in honour of San Miguel de Arcángel. People from all around the town and beyond come together for this popular event. The scene is set with pilgrims dressed in traditional outfits; there is a procession of horse drawn carts and plenty of Canarian food and wine that make the perfect accompaniment to a day of fun and excitement.

Almond Gathering

On the last Sunday in September, the residents of Vilaflor along with visitors who are passing through the area head out on a journey to collect almonds. The nuts they gather are sold at the end of the month in the Aripe Almond Fair, in the municipality of Guía de Isora.

Boreal Festival

This festival is held every September in Los Silos in order to spread the importance of caring for and respecting the environment. The coast of the municipality hosts many activities from releasing a turtle, recycling workshops, concerts, flea markets and an eco-tourism fair.

Tenerife Opera Festival

Held every year from September to May. Tenors, sopranos and baritones of international stature present prestigious works such as Tosca, Rigoletto, and Aida in the Adán Martín Auditorium and Guimerá Theatre in Santa Cruz.


The Librea of Valle Guerra

This is one of the most important events in the festivities that honour the Virgen of El Rosario. It is held once a year on the Saturday nearest to 7 October, the day of El Rosario. The event comprises of a parade of floats carrying the Virgin to the church plaza and the re-enactment of the naval battle of Lepanto, which took place in 1751 between the vessels of the Turkish Empire and those of the Holy League.

Canarias Folk Fest Arona

The folklore of the Canary Islands is one of the richest and most varied in the world. This festival aims to bring Canaria music and culture to both visitors and residents. Performances and concerts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from October to March (except Christmas and New Year) are celebrated in Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Las Galletas

Source and Images courtesy of WebTenerife
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