See Tenerife by Bus

Why not explore Tenerife using the local bus network. It’s easy, fun, and cheap, or so I’m told!

Having been asked numerous times about the buses I thought, despite the fact that I have never been on a local bus, that I should add what information I know about using public transport.

Tenerife buses called guaguas and pronounced ‘wah-wahs’ by Tinerfeños are run by the company TITSA and cover every corner of the island.


They operate a modern fleet of 550 bright green buses that are clean and run on time. With an average age of 7 years, they are one of the most modern fleets in Europe. All vehicles are fitted with the latest safety technology, state-of-the-art braking systems, protection systems in the event of rollover, etc. as well as air conditioning and are more comfortable than UK public buses. In addition, 99% of urban and around 30% of the inter-urban fleet are fully accessible with electric ramps making it easy for wheelchair access.

Each bus route (called Lineas in Spanish) has a number and route displayed on the front of the bus. The starting point is at the top and the destination in larger letters is below. As the same number is used in both directions and buses may use the same bus stops, it is wise to double check the destination carefully, however if you get on the wrong bus the driver will tell you.

Tip: write down the destination name to show to the driver, as Spanish pronunciation of place names can be very different from how they look in English.

Using the bus is very economical; you can pay for a single ticket, price dependent on route. A same-day return that gives 10% discount for distances of 21km or more. When asking for this say ida y vuelta, meaning “round trip”. Alternatively, a way of saving even more money is to purchase a Bonovia (Bono) card for €15 or €25.

This can be used on every route, except the trip to Mount Teide. You can change buses, can share between several people, have free admission to the museums in Santa Cruz and if used within a specific timeframe, free transfers to La Laguna using the tram.


You can buy a Bono ticket from any of TITSA’s 13 bus stations (not on the bus), or from outlets displaying the logo.


The pre-paid credit card size ticket is valid for one year from the date it is first used and allows discounted fares of:-

Long journeys over 20km 50% Discount
Short journeys under 20km 30% Discount

To use – place the card into a machine near the driver. Specify your destination and how many people are travelling. The card is printed with the discounted fare for each and the balance that is still available. If the balance on the card is less than the fare the difference must be paid in cash and a ticket is issued for the amount paid.

Fares for typical journeys:

  • Puerto de la Cruz – Santa Cruz de Tenerife: €5 (€3,30 with bus pass)
  • Puerto de la Cruz – Aeropuerto Tenerife Sur: €13 (€9,20 with bus pass)
  • Puerto de la Cruz- Playa de las Américas: €13,90 (€9,15 with bus pass)
  • Playa de las Américas – Santa Cruz de Tenerife: €9 (€5,95 with bus pass)

The following route maps are available at bus stations and some Tourist Information Offices or can be downloaded from the TITSA website together with timetables

Tourist Routes in Tenerife

Screenshot (1)

Visit Santa Cruz

santa cruz


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  1. Skeggy says:

    Sound advice a great service with the opportunity to see the proper Tenerife, I am amazed Queenie that you have never used the bus Queenie…….

  2. Michelle Gibson says:

    Great Bus service, have used it to travel all over the Island. Never had a problem with them. Cheap and 99% on time. Get a time table from the bus station you cant go wrong !!!!!!

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