What does Los Gigantes have to offer?

Perhaps this is your first visit to the island and maybe you are wondering which locations are worth heading to. If you want some winter sun, then look at the west coast, as Los Gigantes is famed for having the best climate in Tenerife.

When I gave my opinion of other resorts, I didn’t mention Los Gigantes, quite remiss because many people love it especially in the winter, a fact that can be endorsed by the number of swallows who annually spend several weeks escaping the British winters.

Los Gigantes is a small attractive and quiet resort but there is still plenty to do.

It is, perhaps, most famous for its spectacular cliffs, that rise almost 2,000 feet above sea level. The best way to see them is from a boat and there are numerous trips to choose that leave from the marina. It is only by getting up close, that you can appreciate the sheer magnitude, and see the different colours and textures that make up this volcanic marvel.

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Sticking with the ocean, and of course the pleasant year-round climate, makes diving a popular pursuit. The deep waters are home to a wealth of sea life, and there are around 25 dive sites in the area.

If like me you hate going in the water, but don´t mind being on it, a dolphin and whale-watching trip is enjoyable. Tenerife has a resident population of bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales, which can be spotted throughout the year. At other times, often May and June, other types of whale can often be seen as they cross our stretch of water heading to their breeding and calving grounds. As there are 21 different species that call the waters surrounding Tenerife home, your chances of seeing these creatures is almost 100%. There are a number of companies offering this excursion and times and prices vary to suit your needs. They are all situated in the marina where you will also find a glamorous array of private boats and yachts.

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The Lido on the seafront is very popular and if you have the stamina, a trip to Masca should feature on your holiday list. As well as shops and cafes around the harbour, there is a small but good selection of bars and restaurants throughout the resort ensure you won’t starve. And for a change of scenery, the very different resorts of Los Cristianos and Las Americas are just a 30 minute away.

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So if you like the feeling of familiarity, the sun on your skin and you love dramatic coastal scenery then Los Gigantes may just be what you are looking for.

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