Sausage Meat Stuffed Chicken

This recipe is a lovely alternative way to serve chicken. The sausage meat wrapped inside the chicken is really flavoursome and the bacon adds an extra dimension as well as bringing the whole dish together (literally!). Mary Berry inspired our dinner, but of course, I had to add a couple of extras! It actually tasted like the basics for a Christmas dinner, ideal if you are on your own – just add the veg. 🙂

Ingredients – Serves 2

1 baking dish lined with parchment paper
2 pork sausages (skin removed)
1 teaspoon mixed herbs
Juice of half an orange
1oz Raisins
½oz chopped nuts
1 or 2 chicken breasts skinned and boned (depends on size)
2 rashers bacon
Drizzle of honey



In a bowl, use your hands to mix thoroughly the sausage meat, herbs, raisins, nuts, and orange juice. Season with salt and pepper. Make one or two (depends how many chicken breasts you use) short, fat ‘sausages’, the length of the chicken breasts.


Place the chicken, skinned side down on a board, open out, and hit with a mallet to flatten so that the whole of the breast is a similar thickness. Now place the ‘sausage’ in the centre fold the chicken around it. Then wrap the bacon around each piece of chicken.


Place the chicken into your baking dish, drizzle with a little honey and pop in the oven for about 30 minutes or until they are cooked through, golden and crispy. Set aside to rest for 10 minutes.

A delightful supper dish – easy, tasty, and a little different!

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