Santa Cruz inhabited by sculpture.

One of the reasons I love Tenerife is art is not confined to walls you can find it everywhere. Our capital is full of stunning sculptures making it something of an open-air art gallery.

Few places can boast street art from some of the best-known artists in the world. Graceful lines and undulating curves captivate from Britain’s most prominent Yorkshireman Henry Moore and Spain’s Joan Miró.

Stroll through the avenues and parks and in every corner, you will find art.

Chirino’s “My Lady Tenerife” and “Sin Título” by Andrés Alfaro, “Ejecutores y Ejecutados” a structure by Xavier Corberó. The beloved Chicharrero depicting the tiny blue fish so typical of these waters and a symbol of the capital and the island.

Near the hotel Mencey in the Plaza de Lavaderos is a sculpture dedicated to the washer women of the town. There are several life-sized bronze sculptures outside the Mercado de Nuestra Señora de África depicting the everyday lives of a fisherman and a street seller, close by a nice sculpture of workmen resting on a bench.

Who can ignore the twelve-metre high ‘Movil’ or the controversial Monument of the Angel?

I have a couple of favourites, Garciarramos “Tree” opposite Plaza Europa depicts a young woman, her body transformed into a tree trunk and her hair and arms the branches, and the coolest of all, the stunning “Per Adriano” outside the Teatro Guimerá.

Residents make no attempt to hide their love of art and few cities can boast sculptures as important as those in Santa Cruz, it is important we appreciate how lucky we are to have this luxury to see in our everyday life.


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  1. Irene says:

    I love sculptures and I’m always looking out for different ones to photo when I’m on my travels. You look to have a varied and interesting collection in Tenerife. Must come out there one day!

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