Tenerife has Talent

I don´t advertise on my blogs, if I discuss a bar, restaurant or whatever it because of personal experience which I either loved or hated. If it was just OK I don´t bother – who wants to hear about something that is only average. I also never go into detail about individuals, although I do mention friends in passing. So where is this leading?

Many visitors and residents of Tenerife over the years have got to know the talented Cara, Cher, Madonna tribute entertainer, aka Ann Collings. We have been Facebook friends for a long time although we don’t really know each other. A few years ago I did spend an enjoyable afternoon in her company at a BBQ where I was expecting a ‘diva’ (well what would you expect seeing these images)

Instead, what I found a lovely person, a lady in the true sense of the word, who was happy to make cups of tea for anyone and never once promoted her amazing talent.

Since the beginning of this year, Ann has returned to another of her talents, drawing. Although she started at 4 years of age and has a degree in art, she stopped drawing 23 years ago. Below are some of the pictures she has recently posted and she hasn´t lost any of her skills.

Despite the fact that she is now taking commissions, she is still unassuming. Rather than hit every Tenerife group imaginable to advertise what she is doing, she is only posting on her own timeline, and I thought more people should be aware of what she does. 🙂

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If you would like a personal drawing for you or a member of your family, you can send a PM (contact through the link above) for more details.

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