REMINDER : Continue to Register on the Padrón

The weather on Tuesday was beautiful which was great, as we had to go into Los Cristianos to renew our registration on the Padrón, something that needs to be done every two years.

Armed with a bag full of paperwork we hit the office at the side of the Culture Centre at just before 11.00am and it was empty. Chose ‘formalities’ from the ticket machine and were issued with D110. As it happened before we got our bums on seats, D109 was coming out and our number flashed to say we should go to desk 11.


We trotted up and asked the young lady in our best Spanish ¿Habla inglés? to which she answered ¿Hablas español? We smiled un poco, she smiled and repeated un poco también.

So we proceeded with we wish to renew staying on the Padron and handed her our NIE. She tapped a couple of keys on her computer and told us the address she had for us. She then printed off a form confirming we are still in the land of the living and we would also be included on the electoral register should we like to vote when elections came around.

That was it all done and dusted in less than 10 minutes. Now a couple of weeks ago we walked in on the off chance and were told we needed a utility bill, our NIE, passports and escritura. Today, we just needed to say we are still here. Nevertheless, whatever you are asked to take, take it along, as being registered is important and renewing your registry every 2 years is also important.

So that’s us up to date until 2019.

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  1. Mette says:

    I thought, once you’re registered, then thats it – for life..????

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