Culture, Traditions, Pilgrimages in March & April

Continuing the theme of Culture, Traditions, and Pilgrimages that take place across the island, March and April are when depending on the year the months when Easter is celebrated on the island.

Holy week

It comes as a surprise to many that Easter is still a time when the enormous religious fervour of the Islanders comes to the fore. Many municipalities celebrate with traditional processions and events that mark the ecclesiastical tradition, such as La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz, Icod de los Vinos, Santa Cruz, Arona, and especially, La Laguna, Candelaria, and Güímar, who put on a display of the Stations of the Cross.

Processions and the Stations of the Cross in Adeje

Holy Week in Adeje is really special. In addition to the traditional processions that take to the streets lined with devout believers, there is an unmissable event that takes place in the town on Good Friday each year. The re-enactment of the Passion of Christ. The ceremony is truly extraordinary because of its realistic and moving performance. What makes it so special is the quality of the setting and the cast, with some four hundred locals from the town the southern region depicting this religious scene. The accuracy of the setting and the impeccable performance of some of the key moments in the Stations of the Cross have turned this religious ceremony into one of the major events on Tenerife’s Easter calendar.

Crossing the Peaks

The Island’s mountain peaks were once busy with people crisscrossing Tenerife to exchange and barter goods. Today, these comings and goings are represented in what is known as the Crossing of the Peaks (or “El Paso de la Cumbre” in Spanish). Performing the show are locals and actors, dressed in traditional attire and carrying the tools that countrymen would have used some forty or fifty years ago. The re-enactment takes place in late March in Santiago del Teide and is a valuable way of saving local traditions.

Festival of Music and Baroque

Between March-April Puerto de la Cruz is the setting for this unique event, organized by the Association Coral Reyes Bartlet. The festival features many concerts and courses of Baroque music. More information: here

Musical whims

This festival takes place between April and July in Baja, mainly in the islands old convents and squares across the municipalities of the region. Carefully chosen vocal and instrumental concerts and master classes are held. More information: website

Pilgrimage of San Marcos

On the last Sunday in April, the whole town of Tegueste puts on their glad rags to welcome thousands of pilgrims in traditional dress who make their way amidst carts adorned with natural products from the fields, floats, folk groups from all of the Canary Islands and herds of livestock to remember the saint.

Folk Festival 7 Islas

Artists and folk groups from all the islands come every April to Tenerife and gather in the Plaza de San Marcos, in Tegueste. The Festival is a classic, and living proof of what are our musical traditions.

Source and Images courtesy of WebTenerife
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